Girl standing with arms in the air and her tongue sticking out in a weird pose.
Imagine this! Care free photography that doesn’t just anticipate what you want, it brings the image of your event to life.

Say Cheese! Family portraits
Capture a moment in time. Dress the kids, complain that they’ve messed up their clothes, re-dress them for the fifth time then bring them together to get that portrait that you’ve know would look great on that wall but never got around to doing. Portraits are easier than ever. I can call around to your home and within moments I’ll be ready to start. Home portraits are relaxed, informal and fun.

Moments that only happen once. Christenings, communions and confirmations.
A girl in her Communion dress lying on her side facing the camera.
“Did you bring the camera? No. I thought you did!” You have enough to think about, organize and worry over without the responsibility of catching that magic moment. Let me do it for you. Drawing on my experience I know how important is to be everywhere at once while being seen by no one. Discretion and observation are traits that you will appreciate so much you’ll be calling me back to help with your next celebration.

I’ll print those photos for you later………….. Parties!
How often have you lost brilliant photos because you thought the lighting was great but for some reason the end result is a black picture with a blurred outline of someone’s face. Or, you dropped your lovely new camera into that pint you were about to drink. Have you ever wished that you were in even one of the pictures of your own party? Enjoy your party. Step away from the camera. Let me do it for you. I’ll capture the group shots… With you in them.

Just one more picture? The best memories of your wedding day frozen in time.
Experience and planning. This is what makes things run smoothly. Get group shots, romantic poses, natural and relaxed surprise shots that really catch the atmosphere of your day, that all important first kiss, the cutting of the cake, the first dance and the guests making a fool of themselves afterword. Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Let me make sure you can bring the imagery of this with you for the rest of your life. I will provide a digital slideshow of the pictures taken as well as a high quality, custom designed and professional photo book or album made from the pictures you choose.

All of these services are provided at highly competitive and affordable prices. I enjoy my work and this is demonstrated in the end result. Let me help you make your special day or event one that you can remember.

  • Service breakdown:
  • Family Portraits
  • Personal Portraits
  • Portfolio Shots
  • Debs/ Grad Portraits
  • Christening photography
  • Communion photography
  • Confirmation photography
  • Party Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Limited negative restoration
  • Professional photograph printing

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Pictures of DigitalDarragh’s old guide dog Freddie.

Random pictures that would probably be considered abstract.