A picture of a ring taken in such a way as to not look like  aring at all. Emma Jane Murphy, a native of Dublin but Kidnapped and dragged kicking and screaming to Drogheda in 2006 is a motivated, creative, imaginative and artistic young woman. It isn’t too surprising then that her two main interests in life are fashion and photography.

It would seem that these are strange and incompatible interests but actually Emma’s eye for the best lighting conditions and environments best for photography complement, inspire and enhance her creativity when designing clothing and her understanding of the thought’s and aspirations of designers in the fashion industry defines the naturally flowing characteristics of her photography.

Emma is also a bit of a tech head. She enjoys mixing the quirky, the traditional and the new with very interesting and captivating results. Her Photography can be mixtures of abstracts or scenery and her designs can be traditional flowing gowns or modern blouses with stylish contemporary corsets.
A lady bird on a leaf. Taken with a special macro lense.