A welcome and Introduction.

Welcome to ImagineFashion.info and welcome to the Imagine Fashion blog!

On this website I will show all of my fashion and photography work with the aim of advertising my services.

This site will appeal to people interested in fashion or photography but it will also contain personal pictures and galleries as well. Where would we be without blogging! From time to time I will write about topics that interest me and I think will interest you.

The site is continuing to grow however If you have an interest in fashion or photography or you are looking for someone to make a dress, alter some clothes or embroider a top etc. or you need a photographer then I invite and encourage you to look at the Fashion, Photography, About and Gallery pages.

I’d love to hear from you. I’m new at this website stuff so please tell me what you think of this. If you would like to see specific pictures or specific blog posts about a topic that interests you then send them over. I can be reached by Email at emma@imaginefashion.info

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